WILCOM TrueSizer Pro

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TrueSizer Pro allows you to not only view and resize designs but also gives you the ability to work on multiple designs at the same time, create multiple colorways and view your designs in hoops. TrueSizer Pro can also help to improve your customer approval process, allowing designs to be visualized on garments and to be shared with staff and customers via design approval sheets. TrueSizer Pro comes with a range of features to help improve your customer service and sales processes making it the ultimate tool for business.
  • Open and precisely re-size original digitized designs in Wilcom .EMB format
  • Preserve the original stitching effects and densities, including fancy fills, etc.
  • Resize, rotate and mirror designs
  • Read and convert many popular commercial and home file formats
  • View designs in TrueView™ and normal stitch view
  • Email EMB files directly from application
  • Print production worksheets with key design info and thread color sequence
  • Make sales presentations and sales printouts
  • Save designs in Wilcom .EMB format
  • Convert designs into various commercial and home stitch file formats
  • Output to embroidery disk
  • Open multiple designs
  • Re-color. EMB designs based on colorways
  • Change and re-color .EMB, .ART, .JAN designs
  • Create and save multiple colorways in .EMB designs
  • Match threads to current colorway
  • Match threads to all color slots in the current colorway
  • Re-color designs saved in non-EMB formats - eg .DST
  • Create customer approval sheets showing design and location on garments
  • View designs on garments
  • Display designs in hoops
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